Monday, 7 November 2011

PhatMats Piece of the Week!

This week's Piece of the Week goes to the Fast Food Bra by BOOB and believe me, this nursing bra's somewhat direct name is not the only clever thing about it.  
If you're anything like me, the idea of purchasing a 'nursing bra' sent a slight chill down your spine as you sadly resigned yourself to the fact that you were about to spend some serious dough on multiple hideous but necessary under garments.  One, to both help rein in those massive mammary glands, and two, to quickly and easily provide nourishment to your little one.  BOOB has ingeniously designed a feminine, dare I say, pretty, yet highly functional and most of all comfortable bra.  The bra comes in several adorable colours, my fave being the hot pink pin stripe.
Now, I haven't even had my baby yet and I'm already wearing one of my three Fast Food bras daily.  Why you ask?  Here it is ladies: as those 'girls' of yours are ever increasing throughout your pregnancy so is your bra size.  I decided that instead of buying new and bigger bras for the pregnancy and then again for postpartum breastfeeding, why not save myself a step and also some money.  The Fast Food Bra is the perfect solution!  Stretchy enough to fit comfortably while still allowing for room to grow.  AND... the best part is, it comes with an extra growth panel for any extra girth room you may end up needing.

Bottom Line - BOOBs Fast Food Bra is cute, comfortable and oh so practical.

Check out their website for all available colours.

You can find BOOB in Toronto at both locations of Baby On The Hip, Queen East & College West and at Moms to Be and More on Bayview Ave.

Happy Feeding!!

Friday, 28 October 2011

PhatMats First Piece of the Week!

PhatMats first piece of the week goes to an Amsterdam company forging it's way onto the Canada market. Queen Mum Fashion prides itself on creating a hip brand for modern mothers to be.  Using high quality materials that create a light comfortable design resulting in "the perfect fit".

Having been lucky enough to get my hands on a few Queen Mum pieces, available very soon at Rhonda Maternity in Yorkville and Belly on Mt.Pleasant Blvd;  I can honestly say that Queen Mum lives up to their promise.  From the time I needed to start introducing maternity wear into my wardrobe, I struggled to find a pair of jeans that I wasn't constantly fighting with.  Even some of the most expensive brands on the market left me frustrated and annoyed as I found myself continually tugging them back up over my derriere.
Queen Mum has miraculously designed fashionable yet functional maternity jeans.  The key being three things.  The elasticity in their panel, the unique placement of their panel and a hidden adjustable waistband.  With most maternity jeans, you'll find that the panel replaces anything up from the zipper, leaving you with no button or dome and no belt loops.  You'll also find that the panel is made of a flimsy cotton blend with very little elasticity.  Queen Mum jeans not only have a nice, comfortable and taut panel BUT they have ingeniously sewn their panel behind the upper waistband.  So if your top happens to ride above the bottom of your beautiful bump, it appears only that you have a top tucked into a regular pair of jeans.  Also hidden in that waist band is the adjustable elastic that allows you to tighten your waistband after you've accomplished getting the jeans over your ever expanding hips and or buttocks ; )
All of this as well as being fashionable and current.  And as you can see in the above photo they even have the animal print denim hot for fall and made popular by J Brand and Dolce & Gabbana.

Bottom line:  Queen Mum Rocks!!

Check out their website -

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hello and Welcome to PhatMat!

So I'm totally new to this blogging thing and to be quite honest, never thought I'd start one.  However;  having recently found myself pregnant and searching for fabulous maternity wear, I discovered that there were really no resources to help me search out the best brands.

So here it is, a tried, tested and true advice blog on Maternity Fashion!  PhatMat!

Stay tuned for feature pieces of the week and where to find them.

Thanks for reading :)